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Omidvar Brothers Museum
The first Iranian museum of world ethnology

10 years of experiences and exploring the world in a book of 770 pages

Films Fotos
Documentary films, producer, director, camera by Omidvar Brothers

Autograph Book
Brothers met many world famous political cultural personalities

Music CD
A music collection of the primitive tribes are recorded by Omidvar Brothers from 1954-1964

Nation's Music

A music colection of the primitive tribes are redorded by Omidvar Brothers from 1954-1964

“Rah- Tushe Baradarane Omidvar”By : Sasan Fatemi; Musicologist and critic Mahur cultural Foundation December 2006
The CD contains Omidvar Brothers’ recordings from their long journey is considered as a great happening which was postponed for 45 years.
Although they have never mentioned of any scientific aim in their Adventure; Omidvar Brothers’ approach was to explore with an innate curasity which was covered by documentary photography, research and writing as well as gathering unique objects and musics belonging to different tribes of the world.
“Rah- Avard” holds the musics of different people of the world. To observe it; you should care for adventuring the same way as Omidvars do. Exploring through the world of tones is not what conservative ears are addicted to! So face the music!!!





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