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Aborigines. belonging to the Austroloid geographical race.The natives inhabitants of australia.who rached the land between 25000 and 40000 years ago, the most primitive peoples. Allspring – australia.1955

in the land of stone age men

we were heading toward Australia …………. this is truly the home of bushmen , a group of stone age people untouched by the civilization of outside word , Australia is vast quarter that came into existence not long ago , and is taking rapid steps toward progress .

Lord Myners said that during the weekend of the bail-out, he did not meet RBS chairman Sir Tom McKillop and the senior independent director Bob Scott until the evening of 11 October - the day after it was agreed that Sir Fred would leave the bank.

here , a kind of fish climb the tree , the sunset spray greenish rays, women collect human skulls , men shave their heads and for gaining strength practice cannibalismfarther back in history , when the climate changed with the dawn of the Mesolithic age , and man began to live year – round beside the sea and
by the shores of lakes and rivers , his oppol tunities for social intermingling increased . the first unit larger than family – the hunting band probably consisted of four or five families , related by blood . later in mesolithic age, the increase of population and the development of water transport may has led them to the growth of hunting band into the kinship , the caln and ultimately the tribe . but , even to – day’s Aborigines have nothing or ganised such as a tribe , only scattered family groups . the ship in which we traveled toward Australia was crowded and noisy, she was taking i200 Italian immigrants who were going to work there. having come from southern Asia where majority of population are jobless, we were left in a state of nonconformity that how in the the world all these people are going to acquire job ?

Where the aborgines lived

later we discovered that Australian ministry of work has employment bureaus in great European cities to encourage immigrants , they make contracts and even pay the passage to passage to employee who have to remian at least two years in Australia . among the 2/000/000 European immigrants who have poured into Australia since postwar , fully 260/000 have been Italians, mostly from calabria and sicily . the new comers added much that is welcome down under , from Pizzaand pasta to espresso bars. Australia became whit them bleed

The new continent including Tasmania and half of new Guinea has 3 million square miles which is roughly the size of U.S.A. when Australia was discovered I85 years ago by Capitan Cook , then the number of A Aborigines was estimate three millions , now their number is deoreased as little as I0/000 who are pushed into reservations of back bush of arid Zones , The amazing decrease of these Stone Age remnants, was firstly due to the wide spread of white man’ s epidemic decease , bu mainly they were extermintaed by the early white prisners and criminals who were expeled out of England to that distandt land . These groups of menacing depeteowere much like the French Legion to Algeria . The British colonisers using copulsary man power of these prisoners began the progress , today the mention of Australian line of descend makes them mad of – course .


To the crdinary person who is not informed on Australian history , the existance of Afghan men in Australia would seem very much like elephant in Antarctic . when Cook returned from his victorious voyage and informed the news of his discovery to the throne , the British empire appointed the philip as the first Governor and to the throne , the British Empire appointed the Philip took much provision including fast breeding animals such as pigs and robbits , on his way along Spanish Coast he also bough I5 Merinos which he thought are useful anima The favourable climate of Australia for raising , helped , helped to increase the sheps from fifteen to 20/000/000 million t the present time . Today’ Australian economy is based on the export of Merino Wool by producing on fifth of world prodction . Surprising enough to say that , during our visit to a big wool sore , we saw huge wool bales imported freshly from Iran , it doesn’t men that Iran has greater production of wool , but as much as Australia Merino is fine for clothing , in return persian x- breed wool are ideal for carpet industry which Australia need s it desperately .

As much as Philip was wise to take the sheep , but he comitted greatest mistake for taking the few rabbits . The fast breeding animal went out of man’ s control and has multiplied to of millions . In the bush , up the mountains , across the plains and whre ever else we traveled , we saw them hopping through fields , when the sensitive and nervous rabbits feel the approach of a car , jumps crazily hither and thither , many of them daily beinng orashed under our wheels as we drove by night , and being sort of meety we often lost oue control and fell down . Eight rubbits eats as much as one sheep , but the rabbit eats the root and leave the grass ruined , they also excavate holes which the rainfall convert them into hollows and destroy the crust of earth’ surface , thus the rabbits are causing the greatest hazards to agriculture . In the beginin g rabbits wre protected animals, now the government seu the farmers who are neglecting the fight againnst rabbits. It has been proven that, two rabbits in three years can multiply to as many as I3 millions , the final method that Australian Gvernment adopted to oxterminate these underground meet storage was by enjecting a certain meet storege was by snjecting a certatin germ to one and release it , this could spread the germ , but was proving to be a fatal for dispertion of an epidemic disease too. Alas , Philip faced orises for connectin the distant corners of this barren land . Horses were not resistful enough against thirst to cross the plains , neither white man could bear its burden . At last , Philip decided to import many camels and Afghan camel drivers who have mastered the environmment of fesert and who will easily feel at home in it . Sonn the camels were brought in and the conquest of interior followed it , truly Australian owe their early Progress to the hard working Afghans, but when the combastion of engine was introduced to Australia , and faoilitated the transport , the camels were set free . The camels felt quite at home and began to breed , today thousands of wild camels roam about the Northrn Australia freely , during dry seasons , the camels are known to have approached the little towns for water and have caused other sorts of dangers . some of the Afghans Returned to their native land , others were died out because in this stictly white man’ land , no woman wanted to marry them . 
Our boat entered the harbour and after regular formalities we could land ……….. a young well dressed boy steped forward and wellocomed us to their country ! My brother and I felt heaven and exchanged looks, we got improssed that relly every where the world over , either in Indonesis or in Australia people are wonderful . The smartly dressed boy said :

EXPEDITION TO THE OUTER WORLD We wre going to visit to visit Arnhem Land , a vst Aboriginal Reservation which lies near Darwin in the Norhthern Territory . This exploration culd bring us in contact with few scattered hord who are commonly refered to as KILLLERS OF ARNHEM LAND they are probably the last resmnat of stone of Ston Age men . The idea for going there thrilled our friends , because most Australians temeselves have never seen one Aboriginal that how they look like . Most Australian Requested us not to publish any thing on Aboriginies , they compained : People Of Eurpe And America Beleve That In Our CITIES ARE ARE FULL OF THEM we left Sydney toward Queenslad wish much preparation , our immediste destination was Alice Spring – a tiny oasis in the middle of that continent. After we left Brisban on the dirt road , midway we run into a short stretch of 30 kilometers loose sand and our motor cycles got stuck in it helplessly, we challenged for while and then gave it up , it up , it would have been even more risky to break the chain or or the gearbox Abruptly we remembered the existance of camels in this territory and began to search fortunately in that vecinity we located a group of camels , it was the toughest job to trap them and tame them with strong rope . That morning we opened the wheels and desmantled the motor cycles into bits and pieces , and made it into eight packs to be loaded on either side of each camel , then our true caravan with its extra ordinary merchandise began the march . Truly the necessity is the mother of all inventions, every time we looked at what we have done , we burst into uncontroled state of laughter . By II – oo A.M. that day , we had advanoed at – least I5 kilometers , but we noticed the camels walk different , the moved their backs , shock thomselves , sometimes run and some times stood motionless , at first we thought probably they are oither tred or otherwise thirsty , but we came upon this conolusion that the camel can walk four days without rest and without eating or drinking A little further and condition grew even worst , at this instance the camels were trotting crazily to every difrection , one of them kept roaring with anguish and we could not figure outhe case . Alas , in one of the jumps , the horn of one motor cycle got connecte which drove the wild camels completely insain , the camels pulled out the bridles and set them – selves free , they were juping like kangaroo to get rid of their loads, only after having thrown the motor cycles one after another , they stood and watched their rivals with those big innooent eyes . Apparently the irresistable sun has heated the metals to the burning degrees. With numerous other problems we entered Arnhem Land and found groups of Yulengors. Though the reserve covers 34/000 squar miles , an average white man would perish in it ig he is not rescued by stone Age man . All lived on food – gathring , they maintaind no agriculture and had no any domesticated animal save dogs , all used spears and clubs and stone axes et ……. Non of them built huses but the most rimitive kin of shelter , fire was made by friton To light a fire , a hard stick was rolled over a soft timber which gave spark , often light up faster than we could take out our match and remove one to strik . But when we fired the oigarete lightrer by luring it toward sun , the with – doctor called us white Sorcier pottery among them aice food was cooked inside fire , they never heated the water We arrived intime for initiation ceremony , the initiation of boys who have reachd the pproximate age of I4 or manhood , my reason for mentioning approximate is the fact that they don’t have trace of calendar . during this barbrio operation, we saw the witch – dctor using a bone – chizzle and stone hammer , extracted one of th upper front tooth from each boy , the boy s demonstrate graveness, otherwise the law will avoid them for getting marring married . Aborginal teeth are stron and well formed , they can hold the spear with it in a vice – like grip. Teeth give little trouble and most of them are retaimed fior life , even if worn down to the gums The participants to this ceremony spend hours to deoorat their bodies with paint and feathera , they had no red color to paint their sking except their blood , so we watched another dramatic scene as ,a volnteered man offerd to out off his vien we had been there long enough to get aoquainted with Yulongors ,we were most eager to examine their mental capacity to the grasp of new ideas, such as the methods of agricultures , we thought ig we teach them Plantation , we would have also done a lot of good . one day we called themand started to plough the earth, then we burried good sweet – potatos telling them that by watering and mursing them a fter few months these yams will multiply whioh will feed the entire community .For the nomad it seemed rediculous for the relationship between seed and harvest had not occurred to them , one morning we got a. shock to find that they had been scratohed out and eaten , desappointing as it was , the peple could hardly be blamed , we calle them to investigate the cause , few of them laughes and said it was against all their experience to have good food burried . During our days with yulengors, a woman in one of the camps gave birth to a twins , we were told that one of twins was to be killed . Te tradition of infantioide has Two reasons , firstly they reckon the soul of the grand father is reincarnated in their kids , since this soul can’t be split in two separate bodies , they kill one og the babie3 . The second driving force behind this oustom is that . in the bush a mother oan scarcely feed herself and one child , and that if she sddenly get two infants then at least thres are endangered . Tese people run about completely naked , occas- onaly we saw some cloth was hunging from some of them . If they get hold of andy dress , they wear it istead ornament and never take it out untill fall into pieces . Once we saw the strangest costume on a man , he was dresed in lady’s floral Japanese pyjama which has been bartered from a japanese crew of Pearl divers. Once we Parked our canoe to look for birds and the canoe had gone , it was taken by one native who thught ha has equal right to use it . Frequently we lost materials and learned they were taken by our fellow a boriginies who thought quite at liberty to make full use of them . In this anciant world of nomads in which all are blood – brothers, the ideas of personal possessions are declined and he uses whatever takes his fancy . Here we lived with Yulengors who generally camp by water ponds, but there are many aboriginal groups who live in the interior of most arid zones where sanke can’t tolerate it , they are known to squeez the root of wild yam to obtain joice. Toward the dry season, swmps dry and the fish retreat to deeper holes , in this seasoh the hunters turn to be fishermen , They fish either by poisoning which is made from the pulp of a fruit , or we noticed that Yulengors desolve the polvourised bark of a Tree in water , this turn the water black and the fishes flot to the surface we often accompanied them on huing parties . For every game they use different tecnics and often perform miracles . The most interesting was how they cught the duoks as the are swimming :one of the natives got hold of a long thin bambo through which he respire as long as he remain under water , then he went right uuderneath the duck and caught two of them . The hunt of kangaroo require greater skill , because inspite of having short hands ,they are very fast . One day a three men band left to the areas of hunt , naturally we followed them too , they set an empty bark while one hided inside in readiness , the other two men wenand helpend to drive the kangaroos toward the trap . After many hours of wait a poor kangaroo walked toward the camufledged whre was speared at its cost . Aborinal population spend great part of life tracking the animals , that is why they are aaccustome to communicate with each other mainly by signs, this practic ha so strongly influenced their mentality, that even at camp they spend hours talking like dumb people , and we could only hear their wild laughter . Their vocavulary is quite limited , they use the same word for VERTEBRATE and for MOUNTAIN RANGE , another single word apply for HUMAN NOSE and BOW and PENINSULA, another single word apply both to RIVER and to HUMAN THROAT . BURIAL & CANNIBALISM In the previouse paragraphs I made mention about killing of the twins, the mother wrapped the corp inside barks and packed it on her back , the mother will carry it untill the flesh dry . Among these superstitiouse people , all the elements of natue are the subjects of worship . All rain is attributed to human agency , and heavy storms are invariably claimed by some wily magioians . They send columns of smoke to make rain . once we asked the magician why don’t you make rain during dry season to help the growth of wild yams ? the answer was satisxying : "WE NEVER MAKE RAIN AT THAT TIME OF THE XEAR ? SO THE GRASS WILL DRY AND WE SET FIRE TO HUNT EMUS " one day we actually saw them practicing a form of canniblism and ate part of their dead . The origin of this ancestor eating has a wealth of trakition attached to it . They generally eat dead relatives and enemies killed in battles .All hairs were scrapped off and burnt , intestine was removed and burried , the head was cut off and cleaned and was given to mortal’s mother to keepin . when the tempo of singing and dancing increasd in fever-pitch , they sterted to remove the bones carefully so as not to sever the limbs , the bones were later painted and buried ina totem , Then one strong man lifted up the now headless and boneless body on his shoulder and began to dance among watling bushmen . MARRIAGE Polygamy is widespread among Aborignies , oftenn we saw an old man arried to a teenager and young boys marry to old hags or widows, so the young , ones can feed the aged ones . kissing had no place in aboriginal love and affection , even between mother and child , though a dotting mother wil purce her lips nad blow softly on the lips of her baby . The strangest facts we discoverdd about pregnacy was aboriginla ideas, non of them believed that the fleshly fluid of a man could oreate Life in a woman , so nonne saupregnancy as the result of intercourse only. All believed that their own lives were linked were linked with the life force pervaiding their whole environment , the reason for having intercourse was only to invite the spirit of offspring . Later on , near Darwin we came acoross aboriginal groups who are more in contact with white men , there we saw a half caste boy with green eye , we asked the natives : what kind of spiret has invited this boy ? They told us that the boy’ s mother was serving the white beachcombers for a while , and she kept eating their food until her baby was born with this ugly color .

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