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From 1954 to 1964 have been the glorious years of our adventure. We crossed the burring desert of Africa to the dens forest of Amazon, from Africa to Australian continent with the Aborigines, traversed the land emerging from our planet. And experienced living with the most primitive tribes under the harshest climates.

Then, in the year of 1966, our next expedition was to the frozen land of ANTARCTICA, which was one of our hardest plans.

But, unfortunately it could not make possible to the Chile navigation to have both of us in such a dangerous expedition to Antarctica. Therefore we could not be together to explore the LAST and the LOST continent: Antarctica: so, once again we had to be separated for the periods of time.

I was sure of my brother: Abdullah: with much of his ability can accomplish such a great adventure and the task he undertake it.

Among 12 countries, with scientific based in Antarctica, a board is dispatched to the Antarctica every year. Since Chilean people and statement were already familiar with our activities, therefore, they provided us with the opportunity so that Abdullah could take this adventurous trip accompanied by Chilean scientific and Research group. We take the opportunity here to appreciate Chilean Navy as well as government for their valuable services.

In early December 1966, we had to attended at BETEDER JETTY: the Near VALPARAZO city, on south pacific ocean in the specified hour where, military personality will be giving, welfare party to the members of the expedition, before icebreaker navigation leave for Antarctica. On our way from Santiago to BETEDER JETTY Abdullah explained me a short history of some expeditions to Antarctica that, studied for months in Santiago.

Abdullah is among the five successful adventurers, explored the Arctic and also Antarctica. He made the first long documentary film of many different aspects in Antarctica. Abdullah not only was the first Iranian, but also was the first Asian could get to Antarctica in the year of 1966. Chilean Navy Icebreaker called “PRADO” was tied to the Jetty on the bluish and calm waters of the gulf.

Several people were doing their jobs inside the icebreaker. Accompanying persons on one side and several officers from different departments of Chilean army could be seen. Army music band prepared itself for playing Chilean National Anthem. Camera flashes of photographers, reporters and cameraman had flooded the space with light. One of the reporters asked Abdullah: If you brought a little bit of the hot weather from Iranian Desert, you would not have any worries and you could melt pole ices. The other reporter asked: Mr. Omidvar! After South Pole, is there any place other than Antarctica that you have not visited yet? Abdullah answered: YES, Planets....

Chilean Minister of Defense arrived to the port to join at the welfare to send the scientists group off at the departure time.

We thanked and pressed his hands then, very friendly he said that: I accept your appreciation, provided that, when you return from Antarctica, you should perform your TV programs again so that my children, Chilean people and I be aware of the facts of Antarctica.

On this travel together with Chilean researchers and scientists in different fields for a period of 1.5 months, Abdullah had many adventures and memories, that you can read some of them in our book title, “SAFAR-NAME OMIDVAR BROTHERS”

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