Ten years of Omidvar brothers adventure

In 1954, when none of the present-day facilities were available to travelers, my brother and I embarked on a perilous ten-year-long journey across the world. Enduring great hardships, we traveled to the most breathtaking places across the five continents. Crossing the Arctic Circle, we spent three years traveling from the northernmost point of Canada to the Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of the American continent, spending every moment of our lives looking, thinking and gathering experience, mostly about the indigenous peoples who first reached the American continent.

Visiting large and small towns across the world, we delivered lectures in many important colleges and universities about all that we had seen, showing films we had shot with great difficulty. In this way, hundreds of illustrated articles summarizing our explorations were published in magazines and newspapers throughout the world, earning us fame as two bold Iranian explorers. We had the opportunity of visiting a holding talks with most presidents, prime ministers, kings and cultural personalities of the world.

At the end of our long travels, my brother ‘Abdollah decided to settle down in Chile , where he not only runs two cinema and tourism magazines in Santiago but is also the founder of one of Chile 's largest cinema centers.

As for me, Issa, I have come back to live the rest of my life in Iran

Ten years of Omidvar brothers adventure

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